Improv as a Teaching Methodology for the K-12 Classroom



Professional Development

Teachers learn how improv infuses energy, creativity, and collaboration into their classroom.


Test Preparation

Our unique electives and after-school classes will engage your students and improve test scores.


Performance Artist In Residence

A dedicated performance artist supports your school with on-site workshops and consultations.


Improv(e)SAT really makes a difference for our kids. They love it.
— Bernard Keller, Director of Upward Bound SAT at Boys and Girls Harbor
The improv really gave us something to look forward to on Saturday mornings.
— Nancy, student at Union Settlement College Readiness Program, Class of 2014
Improv(e)SAT is a great program. The teachers and students really love it.
— Earl Washington, Director, OASIS Middle School Program
I especially liked the PEMDAS status game and the vocabulary activities.
— Mei Lee, student at Let's Get Ready, Goddard Riverside Community Center
The program was an enormous seccess. I’ve never seen the kids so engaged!
— Charmaine Massiah, Director of College Readiness, Union Settlement